Take the first steps towards emotional healing through the CRB Counseling Ministry.

There are no fees, as our Christian counselors are not licensed therapists, but paraprofessionals who have completed extensive theoretical and practical training. The Church at Rancho Bernardo Counselors have been trained in the skills of listening, clarifying, goal-setting, all undertaken through prayerful submission to the leading of God. This ministry is not meant to replace professional counseling, but is designed for those seeking spiritual counsel for improving a relationship or needing guidance to make an important decision. To Request an Appointment, please complete the form below.

“Talking to my counselor at CRB helped me to see my problems in a different light and to realize that with God, all things are possible. It’s who I am in Christ that helps me take the focus off of my day-to-day problems. I am much more than my problems. That’s what I learned in my counseling sessions at CRB.” CT

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