MAY 3RD || 6:30PM
Brothers Provisions
16451 Bernardo Center Dr, San Diego, CA 92127

Faith in the age of doubt, where is God? The Church at Rancho Bernardo is a place to have doubt, and struggle with faith. Join us as we wrestle these questions together.
We are hosting a Q&A Session with The Church at Rancho Bernardo’s Pastor Jared Herd, and Dr Mark Strauss. This will be a place to get questions answered that stem from the Why God series from The Church at Rancho Bernardo.
It will be live on Wednesday, May 3rd at Brothers Provisions 16451 Bernardo Center Dr. San Diego, CA 92128 at 6:30pm.
(Seating will be limited so make sure to arrive early)
Do you have a question or a doubt you’d like to see get answered at Doubt Night?

Pastor Jared Herd

Lead Pastor at CRB

Dr. Mark Strauss

Author and Theological Professor