I prayed for this

Prayed for 4 times.

Susan Remensperger

Update on my mom: she is still @ Marian Hosp. We're hoping she can stay there for 1-2 more days & then get transferred to Marian Extended Care for physical therapy. Rt now there are no beds there. Pray for one to open up for her. This will give my brother & sister-in-law time to get around the clock care for my mom. At this pt, she has stopped cancer treatment & she wants to go home. We want to get her home & make her comfortable. The dr said she will prob only live 1-2 months w/o trearment. Pray for strength for my brother, Mike, & his wife, Suzanne as they work on setting up home care. Tom & I returned home late last night. So thankful to spend time w/mom & help my brother & his wife. Tom cont his radiation treatment today...7 down, 17 to go. Pray for tumor to be killed. Update on my nephew, Jake who has been having severe dizziness episodes. After many tests, diagnosis is a form of migraines. Started new med but has still had several episodes but thankfully not as many. Pray for healing & that he can get caught up @ school. He is a senior. We\'re so thankful that the diagnosis was not seizures as he is considering going into the service like his brother. Jake is the son of my brother who takes care of my mom. This has been so hard for them. Thank you for all your prayers!

Received: October 23, 2017